1.75″ Mod 1 Compensator Videos!!!

I think the title says it all. Memorial Day 2021, we tested out a good number of parts and projects. From new bases, to the new extend comps, it was a great day, and we learned a lot.

Below we’ve made some rudimentary comparison videos, and here’s a list of the newly tested parts. They’ll be going through a final redesign, and will be released within a few weeks!

New Parts:

  • OEM G20/G21 Mod 1 Base
  • OEM G17/G22 Mod 1 Base (not pictured/recorded)
  • PF45 Mod 1 Base (not pictured/recorded)
  • 1.75″ 9mm Mod 1 Compensator
  • 1.75″ 10mm/40S&W Mod1 Compensator
  • 1.75″ 45ACP Mod 1 Compensator

Glock 17 clone, Mod 1 base, NEW Mod 1 1.75″ 9mm Compensator
G23 upper, Strike 80 lower, Mod 1 Base and NEW Mod 1 1.75″ 10mm/40S&W Compensator
OEM G21, NEW Mod 1 Base, NEW Mod 1 1.75″ 45ACP Compensator