New release/general updates!!!

So I know we’ve fallen behind a little on new release products- worry not, there’s just been a lot of things going on. We’re looking to release the new products within a few weeks, it’s just that the costs from our initial Mod 1 release have not yet been covered by sales. We hope we can drive enough sales within the next couple weeks to finalize and send out the PF45, OEM20/21, and OEM 17 bases and extended comps for anodizing soon. Stay patient! We hope to drive enough sales to keep on innovating and expanding our product lines.

Now for some GREAT news! Five Kilo LLC has been working on our side projects, consulting with surgical/medical/dental/aerospace industries, and we’re hoping to be moving locations soon into an industrial space, and (fingers crossed), we will be getting access to a 3D metal printer! That means we will be able to vastly make changes to our designs and products, bringing you the ultimate in capacity and creativity.

Also, we’ve got a former Army buddy who’s working on testing and building holsters that are fully compliant with all of our RMCs, as well as future development for the newer stuff we’ve been coming up with. They’re working on the initial prototypes, and we’ve been working on a couple of new designs of OWB holsters that will be revolutionary.

As always, I just want to thank everyone for their support, and we’ll keep working hard to keep you well-equipped!

Best Regards, Echo Five Kilo