5K 1.75″ 9mm Compensator MOD 1

5K 1.75″ 9mm Compensator

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WARNING – Due to vast differences in mold cooling, your frame may need modification to fix the pignose or droop to ensure the projectile does not make contact with the Compensator.

Now that the MOD 1 bases have been released, we’re working on finishing our design for the 1.75″ extended Compensator, to be compatible with the MOD 0 AND MOD 1 bases!

This version will be a little similar to the MOD 0, with the addition of more baffles, and a hopefully a slightly tighter bore to increase gas redirection (pending test fires). Just like our original and new bases, this system allows only the Compensator to be removed for cleaning; leave the base on!


  • Hardware not included (mounting screws included with bases)
  • American made
  • Manufactured from xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hard anodized to MIL-A-8625 TYP III Class 2 Black
  • Compatible with 9mm
  • Compatible with either MOD 0 or MOD 1 RMC Bases
  • X.X oz. weight
  • 1.75″ extension to overall length
  • May require lighter recoil spring – we tested ours with stock recoil springs
  • Base not included, available separately
  • Firearm not included
  • RMC Base not included, available separately

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × 1 × 1.3 in