PF940C Base MOD 1

PF940C MOD 1 RMC and Standoff Base

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This product has been discontinued.


This is our new, updated version of the Rail Mounted Compensator base for the P80 PF940C. Based on our fans and customers suggestions and requests, we’ve made quite a few changes that have led to many improvements. Here’s a list of what’s changed from Mod 0 to Mod 1 design:


  • Reduced total number of parts and hardware from 4 parts/6 screws to 2 parts/2 screws
  • Integrated side clamps into the uni-body design
  • Redesigned add-on rail to act as timing device, to properly locate body to frame to allow for space between compensator and slide
  • Reduced base size from  .770″ tall x 1.145″ wide to .595″ tall x .975″ wide
  • Reduce overall weight from 2.5 oz to 1.5 oz (40% reduction)
  • Increased rigidity while decreasing volume & weight
  • Maintains compatibility with Mod 0 Compensator


The Mod1 base attaches to your frame utilizing the picatinny rail, sliding on with a tight grip. The Timing Rail properly aligns the base with your slide/barrel, secured using the 2x 4-40 3A screws. As the base is now timed, it leaves a small gap between the Compensator and slide, allowing the RMC to be used as a stand-off device. Much like the Mod 0, the lowered compensator shelf height allows for slides to be removed for cleaning without detaching the base assembly.


  • American made
  • Manufactured from billet 6061-T6511 aluminum
  • Hard anodized to MIL-A-8625 TYP III Class 2 Black
  • Compatible with 9mm and .40 cal
  • 1.5 oz. combined weight (including 2x 10-24 3A compensator screws)
  • May require lighter recoil spring (13 lb)
  • Firearm not included
  • Compensator not included, available separately
  • Click here for installation instructions.