RMC Instructions

MOD 1 Base Installation

  1. Clear your firearm.
  2. Remove the Timing Rail and screws from the Base using the supplied 3/32″hex key.
  3. Slowly slide the Base onto your frames accessory rail leaving a 1/4″ space from being all the way to the rear. There should be a good amount of friction between the Base and the frame.
  4. Insert the Timing Rail into the Base, and while pushing the Timing Rail in, continue to slide the Base to rear until the Timing Rail locks into place (you may need to push a little to properly seat the Timing Rail).
    • (NOTE: for OEM G19/G23, the block on the Timing Rail should face forward- towards the direction of the bullet).
  5. Secure the Timing Rail to Base using the previous screws.

MOD 0 Base Installation

  1. Clear your firearm
  2. Remove one of the Side Clamps from the Base using the supplied 3/32″ hex key, but leave the other one attached.
  3. Position the base by aligning the lugs with the frame, then re-install the Side Clamp, and tighten all screws. There’s no need to overtighten them, a maximum of 1/8 of a turn after fully seating the block is ample.

5K Compensator Installation

  1. Align the 5K Compensator with the side that has Guide Rod pocket towards the end of the barrel.
  2. Secure using the supplied 10-24 screws.

Bore Alignment Check

  1. Before using your 5K Compensator, you must check bore alignment. Ensure that you have clearance around all sides. Using a drill bit as a quick check tool (we use modified Griffin Armament Suppressor Alignment Rods), slowly slide the bit through the compensator and barrel until it bottoms out.
    1. For 9mm, use a 11/32″ drill bit or rod
    2. For .40S&W and 10mm, use a 3/8″ drill bit or rod
    3. For 45ACP, use a 7/16″ drill bit or rod